Students bidding farewell at ACE Fest.

Art.c Gallery & Workshop

After the two weekends of some seriously thrilling drama performances, the Art.c Gallery & Workshop was next. Held at Rendezbrew Cafe in TTDI. The event showcased some of the finest work across the board from our Art & Design students and offered workshops teaching skills like Stamp Printing and the aptly named Papercutting Wonders. It’s always amazing to see the kinds of works our kids produce, and there’s never been a year where we don’t walk away impressed. This year would prove to be no different:

Happy faces all around!

Performance Day!

With SDF and the Art.c Gallery & Workshop in the books, there was only Performance Day left and our students would let the ACE Fest 2017 end with a crescendo! On Performance Day, a selection of some the best dramas, vocal performances and dance routines from all our events through the year come together for three shows and it’s easily one of the highlights of the school year. As always it’s just too difficult to single out any one of the acts as the best, so let’s just have the pictures do the talking:

How do we bring both into balance? We’d love to show you in person! Drop us a line, give us a buzz or just come by for a little tour of all things Sri Emas!

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