The Arts refers to our Art & Design, Drama, Hip Hop and Vocals programmes

Our Arts programme opens up doors for our students to showcase their talents outside of a school environment, be a part of local  and international collaborations e.g. Astro Battleground, Asian Battleground, Hip Hop International, and the performing arts community like Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC) to name a few. Because of this, our students are exposed to what it takes to perform on a higher level and apply skills we teach them like collaboration, decision making, adaptability, communication, and ownership.

Aside from honing their skillset, we incorporate what students learn in the Arts into everyday lessons, even for logical subjects like Maths, Chemistry and Physics. Not only does this make fact-heavy subjects infinitely more fun and interesting for the students, the physical movements that accompany the lessons help our students with remembering what they have learnt in class. 

The Arts equips our students to be vibrant, confident individuals, and gives them skills to complement the academics.

Students from dance class performing on stage in Sri Emas International School.


Students playing Basketball in Sri Emas International School.


Sri Emas’ sports programme is headed by our Fitness Director,  Jason Moriarty (who coaches the Malaysian national dodgeball team) and his team of certified coaches. We offer a variety of sports, ranging from futsal to dodgeball, cheerleading to table tennis. Each are helmed by professional coaches that have led our students to compete both regionally and internationally. Fitness classes and sports take place 3 times a week and that frequency ensures our students are at the top of their game not just physically, but mentally


Sri Emas International School cheerleading team, Zelts.

Have you met the Zelts, Sri Emas’ cheerleading team? Zelts has won trophies in various championships in Malaysia and Asia. They have won First Place for the Charm Cheerleading Championship 2017 and were Champions for the Asia Cheerleading Invitational Championship 2015

5 of our former Sri Emas International School students are part of Malaysia's national dodgeball team.

We’re so proud that 5 of our former students are part of the national women’s and men’s teams Who by the way won gold at the Dodgeball World Championship 2017!