A picture of our student and their parent from ACE Family Day 2024.
Last Saturday, our highly-anticipated annual  , which involved primary students from Dwi Emas, Sri Emas, and MITstem, along with their families, took place at Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam! It was a joyful day for everyone, fostering new friendships and stronger bonds!Families had the chance to get down into the paddy field for two of our activities –   and  ! In the Muddy Quacky Dash, families worked together to catch rubber ducks thrown into the buckets by their teammates! In the Wheat Planting activity, they bonded over learning how to plant wheat together.

They also participated in , an activity where one person was blindfolded while the other verbally guided them to collect triangles  of specific colours placed on the course floor. Their listening and coordination skills were also put to the test in another activity – . We were amazed to see how great everyone did!
Lastly, the families got to immerse themselves in Malaysian traditional games such as , a strategic board game testing wit and skill, and , a game of agility and dexterity. To top it all off, those who completed all of the challenges also received an ACElotl finisher medal  to commemorate their hard work and dedication!

Thank you all for being a part of Family Day! We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did! A huge thank you to the Events Team for organising this fantastic event, and a heartfelt appreciation to all ACE staff and teachers whose dedication made this day unforgettable for everyone! We’ll see you again next year.

Click here to view photos of that memorable day

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