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Leaders in the making

Every student has the capability to be great! We believe powerful mentorship really makes a world of difference in harnessing that greatness.



We're always committed to growing our students and ourselves here at Sri Emas, and we're the first in Malaysia to be awarded with the Seeds Training S.E.A.L. of Excellence.


We've been partners with Seeds Training from the USA since 2009. They're the #1 Provider of Youth Training Worldwide, designing and delivering training programmes for students, teachers and parents around the world in the domain of life, leadership and learning skills.

Fun and excitement are essential in our Seeds Training programmes. They craft powerful learning experiences through methodologies such as brain-based learning (developing learning capacity), social and emotional learning (building empathy and emotional intelligence) and experiential learning (game-based simulations). Learn more about our Seeds Training Programme here


Taking our students' personal development even further, we have our Leadership Camp! We take them into rough and tumble situations out in nature where they overcome challenges on land and sea that stretch their capabilities, both as leaders and team players.

These situations that provoke personal growth can be stressful! On the flip side though, they have an amazing experience deepening bonds with their friends and teachers, coming back as stronger individuals, better team players, and levelled up leaders.


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