How We Select Our Teachers?

1) Academic Prowess Industry Experience

We can't emphasise this enough

To bridge the gap of ensuring our kids understanding what they’re learning, and WHY THEY ARE LEARNING IT? We always ensure that most of our teachers have some form of industry experience relevant to their respective subjects as a primary criteria when expanding our academic team.

2) Training Teachers Coffee Beans

Hang on..
Teachers as Coffee Beans?

Yup, you’ve heard that right! Based on the Potato, Egg and Coffee Bean Story, we train our teachers to be like coffee beans! 

Unlike the potato and egg which changes its texture in boiling water, the coffee bean does not get affected and is able to spread its rich aroma throughout. In essence, we train our teachers to withstand the sometimes chaotic environment of the classroom while being able to spread positivity and inspiration.

All our teachers go through our very own ACE EdVenture Training Programme that has been developed in-house. The training derived from the success we’ve had in impacting students for past 20 years and flows from our founders’ teaching experience.

Pie chart of Dwi Emas staff's education background.