Sri Emas International School Open Day 2024 group picture.
“Why do some students have dyed hair and piercings?”

“Will my child, who isn’t strong in English, experience communication barriers with both fellow classmates and teachers?”

Enquiries like these sparked lively discussions at our recent Open Day Q&A session, Our attendees seized the chance to pose their burning questions, igniting engaging dialogues with our Principal and Group Academic Directors. Amidst the conversation, our Student Ambassadors boldly joined in, adding their honest opinions and candid perspectives to the mix.

But that’s not all – our Classroom EdVenture taster lessons allowed our attendees to step into the shoes of our students and experience how our classes are conducted! One of them being Tr. Aaron’s Primary School Science class 💡, where students are taught to actively demonstrate concepts like differentiating between transparent, translucent, and opaque with materials provided.

Meanwhile, over in Tr. Charles and Tr. Amos’s Secondary School History, students split into two groups, reenacting the Battle of Hastings 📜 with specially crafted swords during their Class EdVentures.

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