Sri Emas International School students performing on stage.
Last Sunday, Sri Emas International School became a 🎶musical battleground🥁 as our mini-maestros waged a melodic war, captivating the audience with their unrivalled talent. From fingers gliding effortlessly across piano keys and ukulele strings to bows dancing passionately on the violin, their performance was nothing short of a symphonic spectacle. 🎻🎹✨

But wait, there’s more! Our talented tykes took us on a wild musical rollercoaster, diving into the depths of Disney classics 🌹, rocking out to vintage 80s hits 🕺🏻, grooving to the latest pop sensations and even throwing in some linguistic acrobatics 🎤 with a Chinese ballad, as well as a Japanese rock anthem 🤘 that had jaws dropping.

One of our remarkable music teachers, the phenomenal Tr. Kathleen took the stage for the grand finale, leaving everyone breathless with her rendition of the timeless ABBA classic, “Thank You for the Music” 🤩. The entire hall was swept away by her captivating vocals, and to everyone’s delight, our talented young virtuosos joined her, creating a harmonious crescendo that brought our Music Extravaganza to its peak.

As the final notes faded away, we want to extend a big THANK YOU to all families for spending their Sunday with us, as well as to all our dedicated teachers for nurturing the talents of our students.

Lastly, BRAVO to our young rockstars for an electrifying performance 🎸 that will be etched in our memories forever. We can’t wait to see what musical wonders you will bring to the stage in the future 🌟.

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