Students performing for Appreciation Day 2024 at Sri Emas International School.
A day focused on expressing gratitude for the hard work of students, the dedication of teachers and the support of parents — !

To show their appreciation, students dedicated weeks of practice to deliver magnificent performances executed with tremendous precision! From the vibrant dances to the flawlessly harmonised ensemble, audiences were thoroughly impressed. Bravo to all performers – your achievements make us immensely proud!

The day’s pinnacle was the recognition of students who excelled in their respective subjects and attained the highest overall scores within their year. A heartfelt congratulations to all award recipients! Their hard work truly paid off!

In summary, the day was a remarkable and successful event! Parents, thank you for coming to watch your children shine! We’d also like to thank the events team, teachers, and students for contributing to the day’s success. It was truly a memorable occasion as everyone came together in a spirit of gratitude!

Do enjoy the pictures taken during that day! You may find more photos here:

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