Sri Emas International School secondary students applying their academic learnings while having fun at Gamuda Cove’s SplashMania WaterPark.
Water Park + Maths + Science = A Splash-tastic Adventure! 🌊

Who said learning has to be confined within four walls? We believe in the power of real-world experiences to reinforce classroom knowledge, and what better way to do that than at a water park filled with fun and excitement? 💦😄

At Gamuda Cove’s SplashMania WaterPark earlier this month, our students had the opportunity to conduct their coursework by applying their academic learnings to the real world! Weeks of planning for the experiment and preparing the materials paid off as they successfully executed their projects, while also having fun! Our Year 10 students were focused on physics while our Year 11 students were engrossed in their maths and additional maths tasks! 📐

Being at the water park, the students were also able to observe concepts like gravity, buoyancy, and the laws of motion as they experienced exhilarating water slides and thrilling rides! From observing the speed of slides to estimating the water flow in the pools, they found that maths indeed surrounds us, even on a day of leisure and enjoyment! They witnessed firsthand how the principles they studied in class play a crucial role in the design and engineering of such exciting water attractions! 🎢⚙️

This shows that learning can happen anywhere and everywhere, especially in the great outdoors! As educators, we recognise that when students are engaged and having fun, they absorb knowledge more effectively, leaving a lasting impact. These hands-on encounters not only create unforgettable memories but also nurture a deeper comprehension of the subjects. 📚

Hence, we’d like to heartily thank the events team, teachers, and SplashMania for making this happen and giving the students the opportunity to learn, grow, and unleash their greatness! 🌟

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