Students playing tug of war at Events Day 2023 held at Dwi Emas International School.
After three long years of battling Covid-19, we’re thrilled to finally be able to celebrate Events Day at Dwi Emas International School! 🥳 Known to other schools as ‘Sports Day’, we at ACE would instead commemorate this day with a school-wide activity!

This year, the theme for Events Day is Cultural Kaleidoscope! This momentous occasion brought together secondary students from Dwi Emas, ACE Biosphere, Sri Emas, and MITstem for a day of cultural exploration like never before. 🌟

Every class took on the role of a different country, diving deep into its culture. Months prior to the event, they designed captivating activities, adorned their spaces with stunning decorations, and even donned authentic costumes related to their chosen country! 🌎

On the big day itself, the students embarked on a virtual journey around the globe, “visiting” each country, and collecting stamps for completing cultural activities. It was an unforgettable blend of fun as the kids bonded deeply and learnt how to work together while they celebrated cultures from all around the world. 🌍✉️🎉

We recognised and celebrated the most adventurous travellers by presenting awards based on the number of stamps they collected and the creativity they displayed in planning activities and decorations. A hearty congratulations goes out to all our deserving winners! Your achievements were indeed commendable. 🙌

However, let’s not forget that even those who didn’t walk away with an award on that day showcased outstanding performances throughout the event. We are immensely proud of each and every participant for their remarkable contributions! ❤️

Lastly, we’d like to thank the events team for planning such an amazing event for the whole school, as well as the teachers and staff for helping out and encouraging the students to unleash their greatness! We are immensely grateful! 🌟

We know that Events Day just ended, but we’re already anticipating the next one!

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