Come to our Open Day to see what we mean!

Here is what's to come on the big day:

Sunday, 15 April 2018

10am - 4pm

11am - 12pm Classroom Experience for Parents (English & Physics)
12pm - 1pm Lunch
1pm - 2pm “Transforming Education”
by Founder & Group CEO, Anne Tham
2.30pm - 3.30pm Classroom Experience for Parents (Maths & Economics)
Enquiries & Campus Tours ongoing throughout the day

The ACE EdVenture


Come find out how we as practitioners of the ACE EdVenture Approach, give students a magical educational experience that is rich, engaging, and most importantly, sets them up for a solid future.

Expect to meet our team, our students, school tours, and you’ll definitely want to be at Anne Tham’s (our Founder) presentation on why education needs a major upgrade and what we’ve been doing about it. The best part, to show you how we walk our talk, turn back the clock and be a student in our Classroom Experience for Parents!

RSVP for Open Day!

RSVP in the form and book your place for the Classroom Experience also as seats are limited (we don't have the magic to fix that, yet). See you on Sunday, 15th April 2018!
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Still curious?

Here's a quick rundown on what makes Sri Emas so Extraordinary:

Seeing into the future (well, almost)

As educators, we make sure that we're up to speed on what the future needs that we're always adapting our delivery to truly prepare students for what's ahead of them.

Magnificent methods to our madness!

Rote learning is old school. At Sri Emas, emphasis is put on methods that create engaging learning: simulation, gamification, presentation, and application so that students gain highly-valued soft skills like Adaptability, Collaboration, Resourcefulness, and Resilience.

Making the box disappear... *poof!*

"Think outside the box" — we hear that all the time. Instead, we've thrown out that box. Innovation has always been in ACE EdVenture's DNA so at Sri Emas, you can expect a wonderful educational experience that grows your children into versatile individuals that will be highly valued in the 21st Century.

So with all this focus on "soft skills", will it work for results?

We'd like to think so. That's why in Cambridge IGCSE 2017, our students managed:

- 50-100% A's and A*'s in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics
- 33-50% A's and A*'s in Maths and Additional Maths

Did we also mention that we don't segregate our students into Science and Art streams either? All our students take on Science subjects.

So come on over to Sri Emas International School in Kelana Jaya

and find out how your children can have the magic of both soft skills and academia at our upcoming Open Day. RSVP now!

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anymore information:

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