Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

On 23rd September 2013 Sri Emas was honoured to host motivational speaker extraordinaire and President of Portman College Mr Ernie Chen to give a talk on all things financial to the whole school.

Initially, when Ernie started his talk, my first impression of him was just ‘Wow he is loud!’ However, after hearing what he had to go through in his life and where he is now, I truly misjudged him. It was his positive energy which manifested itself in his volume.

Ernie started off by telling us how poorly he had done in high school and based on his poor results, almost everyone, (including his family members) looked down on him. They figured there’d be no future for him. However, instead of being downcast by discouraging words, it was a turning point in his life. He decided to try out his luck in the United States and amazingly, he found his calling there. He furthered his studies at Western Kentucky University and received a BA in Mass Communications, a BA in Theatre as well as an MA in Communications.

In his talk, he gave a few tips to the students on how he came to be who he is today. Firstly, we all need to set a goal for ourselves. From that goal, we must have the self-confidence to take action and pursue it. Although he encountered obstacles several times before he could achieve his goals, he never gave up. From his talk, I learned that few things are really impossible. He mentioned several times that it’s possible to earn your first RM1 million at just 19 years of age. Students and teachers of Sri Emas were indeed impressed with Ernie’s achievements and we all felt a renewed sense of motivation to continue to pursue our goals and to achieve them.


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