We Have TV stars in Our Midst

Well, what do you know? Students and Teachers from Sri Emas once again had the privilege to go live on NTV7’s Breakfast Show with hosts Lisa Wong & Nazrudin Rahman . Previously, our Tr. Chandrika and two of our students were featured on the network’s “Bella” program earlier this year in May, where the topic was Teachers’ Day 2013. (For those who missed their chance to catch it, you can catch it again at tonton.com.my. Just type “Bella” and look for episode 94)

This time around, it was our Tr. Anne (Founder of Ace Edventure), Tr Hao Jin (Director of Ace EdVenture Studio) and 6 of our Sri Emas & PTS students’ turn to be on air.

During the course of the program Tr. Anne and Tr. Hao Jin briefed viewers on our very own Malaysia’s Teen Carnival (MTC) event which would be happening on 20th and 21st July 2013 at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC). To give audiences a glimpse of what would be in store for them at Malaysia’s Teen Carnival, we brought along our sumo costumes which would be used in the sumo wrestling contest as part of the many activities at the Carnival. Our hosts clearly enjoyed themselves, although Host Naz was sweating profusely after climbing out of it.

Our students also provided a sneak peek of one of our drama performances which would be performed at Malaysia’s Teen Carnival and two students from PTS confidently acted out two minutes of their sketch out on National TV! Finally, two of our students from Sri Emas were interviewed by the TV hosts on their experience of collaborating with corporate clients such as 20th Century Fox in the pursuit of securing sponsorships for their campaign which would be run by themselves at the Malaysia’s Teen Carnival. The campaign is part and parcel of the Sri Emas’ Careers Club, in which students can gain first-hand experience in running professional campaigns and events right from A-Z.

All I could say about my impression of being in a TV studio for the first time is that it was awesome! I was thrilled, excited and curious the entire time. However, what amazed me the most were the students from Sri Emas & PTS. It was also their first time being in a TV studio and being on air, but even with all the bright lights, the make-up and all those cameras trained on them, they stayed calm and relaxed like true professionals.

After the segment was shot, I asked one of the students whether or not she was nervous at all. She answered no as she was used to it, since giving presentations has been a part of her everyday learning experience. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to not only highlight our Carnival but also to show Malaysian viewers our students‘capabilities and wow did they deliver!


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