The Wolverine Project

As part of one the school’s skills enhancement programmes (Careers Club), one very talented team of Year 11 students (nicknamed Team Aurum) got the chance to get some real world experience in the field of marketing and events.

Offered as one of the Careers Club options, ‘Advertising and Marketing’ was a big hit with students and they got to learn the ropes by our very own A&M experts Tam Hao Jin & Jens Schottmann who can look back on successful careers in advertising and marketing spanning almost a decade and the entire region.

After going through a number of dry runs, practice pitches and fine tuning, Team Aurum presented their ideas to 20thCentury Fox and Wrigley’s 5 Gum illustrating their ideas on how to conduct an online as well as on-the-ground campaign to market feature film ‘The Wolverine’.

Receiving the green light from the company’s marketing brass, the team got to work setting up a dedicated facebook page and posting their various contests, trivia questions in an attempt to get as many fans and engaged users as possible.

Next step was planning out the on-ground aspect of the campaign, coming up with games and incentives to get people to participate in their booth at Malaysia’s Teen Carnival 2013.

Team Aurum’s hard work and dedication paid off as they were able to attract more than 4000 likes on facebook, engage scores of people in their booth in addition to selling out the Wolverine related products available at their stand. Underscoring the school mantra, the entrepreneurial drive is alive and well in our students and they have a ton to be proud of. It goes to show that that young people successfully pulling off an event like this (normally run by event agencies) is not something which only exists in school brochures and the dreams of future employers but is in fact very real.

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