Pro Ballers in the House

On October 30th 2013, at around 8.50am, six figures strode onto the school grounds and immediately stood out from the usual 12 – 17 year old age group for two reasons.

One, they’re slightly older than the students and two, the shortest of the guys stands at a cool 6’3’’!

Towering over everyone, the group of six are all either current or retired professional basketballers and the only thing bigger than them is their bag of skills.

Representing the USA Pro Basketball Alumni squad that day were NBA and New York Knicks legend Charles D’Smith, Guy Dupuy aka Frequent Flyer (please YouTube the guy, you won’t regret it, trust us) and Antwan Scott aka 8Th Wonder of And1 Mixtape fame.

Representing the MJ Life Asia Basketball All Star team here Center Jaber Rouzbahani, who’s only the tallest person anyone here had ever seen (he’s listed at 7’5’’), Guards Rommel Adducul as well as Folarin Deola D’Brown.

After a raucous reception by our students and a quick introduction, neither team wasted any time and headed to our outdoor court for a few shots and lay-ups. Guy Dupuy set the little exhibition off by effortlessly cramming the first dunk on rims which had never seen anything remotely close to a dunk. Just like that, the show kicked off.

Crowd pleaser 8Th Wonder entertained everyone with his antics while the aforementioned Guy (seriously, YouTube him NOW) defied all laws of physics with his alley-oop through the legs dunks and windmills. Last we heard, Teacher Ivan and the rest of the Physics department are still trying to figure out why gravity apparently doesn’t apply to everyone in the same way.

All good things must come to an end though and so did our basketball bonanza here that morning. It was an absolutely fantastic experience for students and teachers alike; seeing these kinds of athletic feats up close and understanding the great places hard work can take us all was inspiring all around and we certainly hope to see these guys come drop by again next year around.


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