Students Rock the Stage

On a hazy Saturday (8th March 2014), a group of 70 students from the ACE EdVenture Group (Dwi Emas, Sri Emas & Pusat Tuisyen Sirius) gathered at Paradigm Mall at 12.30pm for the Astro Battleground Dance Competition.

We were honoured to have our students showcase their skills, for which they had to audition 2 weeks prior and had been practicing extremely hard.

The students who were selected to participate were not only good in their dance auditions but their overall attitude in school as well.

Our students were slated to kick off the Astro Battleground 2014 Audition Day as the opening act and from 2pm onwards they rocked the stage for the next 15 minutes. The age range of our students was from 12 to 17 years old and it was fantastic to see their efforts and hard work pay off.

Although the given time for each group to perform was less than 5 minutes, you could still see and feel the passion the kids had. Even the Year 6 students, who could have been forgiven for a few missed cues and slip-ups, left the crowd impressed with their poise and performance.

A great day for everyone involved and once again we really had to take our collective hats off to the work ethic and performance of all our young dancers.

Below are the links to view their great performances:

Astro BTG Street Festival - (Sri Emas) Dwi Emas and Court 5 dance performance

Astro BTG Street Festival - Sri Emas dance performance

Astro BTG Street Festival - (Sri Emas) Sirius Scholar School, PTS dance performance


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