Student Directed Festival - An ACE EdVenture Play Extravaganza

The curtains have come down on the final season of the Student Directed Festival.

Rehearsed, directed, designed, prepared, and performed by the graduating students of the ACE EdVenture Programme, the Student Directed Festival was spread over three seasons, with 21 performances.

Straight from the students’ hearts, each of these plays were executed flawlessly, showcasing their talents, passion, and blood, sweat and tears. These raw emotions came in skits covering a myriad of topics ranging from relationships and marriage, to office politics and death.

To the students, we say, “Keep up the great work!” for putting on such a delightful performance.

Do check out some photos of the performances.


The Ketchup Bottle features a very volatile relationship of a couple constantly picking on each others' flaws.

The Waiting Room, set in a veterinary's waiting room, features a very chirpy and energetic character who was there to put her cat to sleep. We thought it was a contrast to the setting, and reminds us that different people deal with death in their own ways.

The idea of death is explored in Storyteller, with the Storyteller giving the dying their final story, giving them peace as they finish the final chapter in life.

The cast and directors finished up the day with a question and answer session. We know it's a show well done when members of the audience are brimming with questions, curious about the philosophy and themes behind each story.

Good job guys, we hope to see more from all of you soon!

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