Sri Emas Teachers' Sports Day & Alumni Gathering

We recently held the Sri Emas Teachers' Sports Day & Alumni Gathering to celebrate Teachers' Day. The Sports Day was open to teachers of Sri Emas International School, staff members, and ACE EdVenture Programme alumni, on 16th May 2015.

The day started early, with preliminary rounds in both futsal and basketball starting at 8:30am. Competition was stiff, with each and every team fighting hard for a spot in the next round.

Tr. Anne got down to the courts to shoot some ball.

Tr. Melinda didn't want to be left out and jumped right in! 

The guys were giving their 100% 

With each team scrambling for that precious spot in the next round!

Meanwhile, the action at the futsal court was also heating up! 

Keng Yao, our new ACE EdVenture Alumni President.

After a quick break, we went into the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals for both sports. With the best teams facing off, the game went up several notches and you could tell these guys were serious about bringing the prizes home!

The tempo went sky-high, as each team had a lot at stake!

The futsal guys were going crazy, with shot after shot ringing out on the pitch.

Check out their team colours!

At the end of the day, the futsal tournament was won by Who, while the basketball tournament saw Fat Boys go home as champions.

Who are the winners!

Fat Boys in the house!

We're so glad that we got to hang out with our teachers and alumni, and we're definitely looking forward to our next gathering!

We'd like to thank Healthland Wellness Centre and the Sri Emas Cafeteria operator for sponsoring the Teachers' Sports Day prizes.

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