Sri Emas’ Table Tennis Heroes

Back to the other side you go!

The 2015 MSSD Petaling Utama inter-school sports tournament is Sri Emas International School’s second year fielding a table tennis team, and we came home with a total of 5 medals. That is a haul! Hats off to each and every one of you! 

The winning players from Sri Emas International School:

Two bronze medals from the Under-15 Singles Girls, represented by Lim Yin Roe (8 Kin) and Chua Guangwi (8 Chrysos).

One silver medal from the Under-15 Girls Team, represented by Chua Guangwi (8 Chrysos), Lim Yin Roe (8 Kin), Isabella Tan (7 Dhahabu) and Kee Li Yu (8 Chrysos).

One bronze medal from the Under-15 Boys Team, represented by Loh Ji Yang (8 Aurum), Kent, Kishan (8 Voski), Bryan and Na Yi Er (8 Voski).

One silver medal from the Under-18 Girls Team, represented by Rachel Tan Wern Ying (10 Dhahabu), Cai Xin, Joey, Ashley and Jowen.

We recently hosted the 2015 Sri Emas Table Tennis Single Invitation Cup.

Our tournament attracted 55 players from 7 International Schools (Sri Emas, Dwi Emas, Sri KL, Sri Noble, Sri KDU, Sri UCSI, and Shekinah Home Centre) and 2 National Schools (SJK (C) Khe Beng and SJK (C)Hin Hwa), and the players were divided into 4 divisions, with prizes totalling RM550, to increase competition and encourage participation.

The competition was too stiff and we gladly conceded the champions’ titles to the our guests, let’s train harder for the next one!


Division 1

Champion: Daniel Law (Shekinah Home Centre)

1st Runner-up: Ka-Chun (Sri KL)

Joint 3rd: Jack Tan & Yi Yan (Sri KL)


Division 2

Champion: Khai Zheng (SJK (C) Khe Beng)

1st Runner-up: Davis Hwa (PJ Union Club)

Joint 3rd: Khai Zheng & Zong Hong (Sri UCSI)


Division 3

Champion: Khai Jing (SJK (C) Khe Beng)

1st Runner-up: Daniel (Sri KL)


Division 4

Champion: Zher Xian (Sri Noble)

1st Runner Up: Shael (Sri KL)

We’re not satisfied to competing only within the Klang Valley, but we also had two students representing us in the National Hope Competition, Malacca last year.

Competition was stiff, but we came home with some wonderful experiences.

We wish our table tennis players all the best, and they definitely have our support for any future sports endeavours!


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