Sri Emas and PTS Students Shine at the Sunway Science Games Day

The Science Games Day is a multi-event, science-based competition, with potential engineers from several schools coming together to show off their science skills!


The day started with water bottle rocket launches and elastic band car races, with the points awarded based on each team’s performance. Each team turned up on the day of the competition with their homebuilt vehicles, constructed prior to the competition day, before putting them head-to-head in search of the best designed vehicles that could cover the farthest distances.


The contestants later moved on to a Mystery Box Build, where teams were given a set of blueprints and supplies and then had to finish their mysterious builds using unknown materials, all within an allotted time.


The last challenge was Einstein’s Challenge, where students’ knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Space were put to the test. Teams were allowed a digital lifeline, going online for help via their phones or tablets to answer the impossible.


Scores from all four challenges were then used to determine the winners. Sri Emas students emerged as a first runner-up, and students from our sister institution Sirius Scholar Study Skills came home with a solid third place.

Congratulations to all who participated, and all our students for a job well done!

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