Ship Wrecked Day (Theme Day 2013)

Since I became a part of this school, I have been taken to a whole new level of schooling experience and innovative teaching methods. There is one event that is held twice a year that I really look forward to and it’s something we call Theme Day.

On this particular day, students dress up as a class according to the set theme. For example, last year’s theme was ‘Pixar’ while this year’s theme was the wacky ‘Ship Wrecked Day’. Students are given the opportunity to flex their creative muscles to dress up as a class. From this event, the strong teamwork and cooperative nature of the Sri Emas students are evident as they work as a team. From brainstorming for ideas of costumes to represent their identity as a class to helping each other dress up on the actual day, everything is done as a team.

Sri Emas’ Theme Day is usually held from 9am till 3pm and this time it was no different. Firstly, the students gathered to show off their outfits, and then they were given tasks by Tr. William (Group Creative Director) which they needed to complete as a class.

The tasks, as well as the rewards or punishments which the students had to accomplish (or endure) as a class were aimed at fostering the team spirit and togetherness of the students. At Sri Emas, we believe that essential life values are better learned through experience rather than being told or taught.

Just like every other Theme Day, everyone mingled and enjoyed themselves regardless of the classes they were in. This is truly unlike my own schooling years where we were only close to our own classmates and didn’t have much interaction with teachers outside of the classroom.


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