Professional Day 2014

Every two years, Year 10 and 11 students host Sri Emas' Professional Day. The day is all about students of all ages getting a closer look at what different jobs in various fields and industries entail.
Guided by Trs. Adeline, Ginger and Williamm, our Careers Club's students invited speakers from all walks of the working life: Lawyers, Dentists, DJs, YouTube sensations Jinnyboy and Reuben and more.

The main objective of Professional Day is that it is a project driven by students for students and this year's edition proved to be no different. Sri Emas' Professional Day is a great opportunity for our students to have interactions with people from all kinds of industries and gain an understanding what a career in that field might look like. Some students may well find interest in something which they hadn't even considered before. Some find valuable pointers from experts to confirm their expectations and also the motivation to work even harder to get there.
Leaving high school and taking the next step in their education can be daunting enough so having an opportunity to be pointed in the right direction is of immense value. The fact that the event was run by our students just made it that much better.

For photos of the day please view our album herey:


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