Shining Zelts: Level-2 and Level-3 Coed Champions


"I am really grateful that I was given an opportunity to lead Zelts this year. To be a captain comes with great responsibility and dedication, but being able to work with the team and progress with them makes me feel happy and I’m proud of every single member in the team.

Winning championships this year has really made up for the amount of hard work we’ve invested during training. To be able to win with the team is probably the best thing during my last year of high school, which I’ll never forget."

- Zoe Ng, Zelts Captain.

Zoe Ng, flying high as the captain of The Zelts

A big shoutout to our Zelts Level-2 and Level-3 Coed Team for all their hard work and dedication, netting them two gold medals at the Asia Cheerleading Invitational Championship 2015! 

Zelts Level-3 Coed Team

Abigail Chew Pei Jia (10 Gold), Chan Shirnie (10 Gold), Cassandra Chin Jo-Wei (10 Tangam), Zoe Ng Zhen Yi (11 Chrysos), Jarel Cheah Kay Young (11 Gold), Jocelyn Choy Jing Ying (11 Gold), Ong Joon Yan (11 Gold), Mariel Tai Chen Ying (10 Dhahabu), Natalie Poh Li-Li (11 Mas), Ivan Yap Weng Shen (11 Gold), Ryan Goh Ming Xuan (11 Gold), Rachel Lim Ze Xing (11 Chrysos), Shelly Tang Ee Ling (11 Mas), Leanne Ling Zee Yeng (10 Chrysos), Chan Conie (9 Gold), Eunice Hong Yee Chie (10 Gold), Yap Yi Qin (10 Mas) & Stephanie Liew Low Yee (11 Gold).


Zelts Level-2 Coed Team

Daniel Liew Yew Onn (8 Mas), Bryan Seow Vern Jie (11 Gold), Tan Yu ZhenLanelle Jayne Manassee (8 Chrysos), Chang Wei Yan (11 Gold), Vychel Pusparajah (8 Gold), Chloe Quah Tshi Er (8 Mas), Ashley Ng Zhen Zhen (8 Mas), Jim Xue Le (8 Mas), Joey Yap Jun Yi (11 Kin), Cindy Wong Xing Yi (11 Kin), Ng Jing Syuen (10 Mas), Cheryl Chung Chok Kim (11 Gold), Sarah Chin Xuen Min (8 Chrysos), Valerie Aw Qi Xuan (8 Mas), Hong Yee Xuan (8 Aurum), Nicole Lee Vern Xi (10 Aurum), Stephanie Liew Jing Yi (8 Mas) & Ng John Kenn (9 Voski).
Some of our girls checking in all the way from Singapore!

The Head Coach for Zelts, Wei Lun found working with them to be an absolute joy.

"Zelts is a bunch of talented and hardworking kids. They have shown tremendous improvement compared to their first practice. I'm proud of their achievement and they totally deserved the title."

A big thank you to our Zelts coaches Wong Wei LunLim Chun HauJason Yap Chiun KitWong Qi LeDemi Tan Kar YeeEmmy Tan Kar Yen for their wonderful support and guidance!

Sri Emas, represent!

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