Oh-the-Horror Day

On 30th September 2014, our Theme Day rolled around once again and this time we decided on it being a day of horrors.
That title itself made me imagine a day in school with zombies, monsters, ghost costumes and so on. However, the meaning of horror Tr. Williamm had in mind was more about fears; something closer to a phobia, such as fear of dolls, fear of heights, fear of spiders etc.

Leading up to Theme Day, we put on our collective thinking caps as we worked as a team on what could be our greatest fear. After several discussions, we concluded that, as educators, nothing could be more frightening than falling sick on a school day! So, all teachers & admin staff came to school on Theme Day looking all sorts of sick. Some came with cool fever patches stuck to their foreheads; some came with bandages or face masks. Certainly, the best dress award would go to Tr. Charles who came dressed up as a doctor with a huge DIY syringe (containing chocolates to be given to his patients) and his very own Professor X fake Medical Certificates.

Sri Emas’ Theme Day is usually a half day affair and this time it was no different. At around 9 am the students & teachers gathered to show off their outfits. Then they were given the day’s assignments by Tr. Williamm which they needed to complete in order to have a shot at winning. Students were divided into groups rather than staying in their usual class line ups because we like having a mixture of different classes & levels. Their tasks were to enter into dark rooms (only given a glow stick) to find clues to solve a mystery crime.

The tasks, as well as the rewards or punishments which the students had to accomplish (or endure) were aimed at fostering the team spirit and togetherness of the students. At Sri Emas, we believe that essential life values are better learned through experience rather than being told or taught.

Just like every other Theme Day, students got to hang out with people they may not usually have too much to do with and were able to forge some new friendship along the way. Here’s looking forward the next Theme Day with – hopefully – less to be fearful about.


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