Mini Teen Carnival 2013

Initially, when I was informed of this event, I pictured it to be something like a few friendly inter-school badminton matches, since a badminton tournament had been planned to be part of this Carnival. However, after weeks of hard work from our marketing team at Ace EdVenture Studio brainstorming and filtering creative ideas, we had ourselves not only a string of friendly badminton matches but one big family carnival.

This event was actually only the lead up to the much larger Malaysia Teen Carnival in July 2013 but it still was the biggest event ever held at Sri Emas. The event which spanned two days, (27th & 28th April) drew a crowd total in excess of 3,000 people who had a fantastic time partaking in the activities.

Some of the activities held were the badminton tournament, dodge ball and sumo wrestling contests, gladiator challenge, cheer leading performances, water dunking booth, live bands & much more.  Apart from the activities, there were at least 50 food stalls and many little booths which sold all sorts of accessories and trinkets. Everything from delectable homemade sandwiches to fancy self-made notebooks, from chee cheong fun to cotton candy, whatever your cravings, you were sure to find it here! Best of all, a large number of those booths were handled by our very own students and teachers.

At this carnival, you could really experience the lively atmosphere created by the teachers, students and parents. During those two days, we got to witness teachers dunking their fellow teachers into the water pool, as well as sumo challenges among students & teachers. I really can’t wait for the big Carnival on July 20th & 21st at KLPAC!


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