M.A.D. Festival 2015

Sri Emas International School was involved in what now? The M.A.D. festival? We should probably tell you that the acronym stands for Music, Arts & Dance and that it was organized by GTI Media at One Utama Shopping Centre from 15th April 2015 till 19th April 2015.

On three of those days (namely the 17th, 18th & 19th), 154 of our students put on a showcase for the ages. Anyone who was there that day and saw them do their thing will know what I’m talking about when I say it was amazing. So much energy, so much action, it was crazy! There was a constant crowd keeping an eye on the stage, from all levels surrounding the ground floor. 

Special shoutout to all our students who did their part not only making the performance such a success but also for keeping track of the little, less glamorous things such as throwing their trash into the rubbish bins. Once again, a highly entertaining, super energetic performance from all our dancers and their teachers and we tip our hats to all of you!

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The iSchool M.A.D. FESTIVAL 2015 was organised by GTI Media.

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