Hollywood Stuntman Spotted in Sri Emas (Glen Levy)

It all started when our Principal Melinda told us with a big smile that we would have a special guest set foot on our school on the 11th of June 2013. When I first heard of the name Glen Levy, it did not ring a bell so I googled him and it turns out that he’s a big time Hollywood stuntman who has worked on renowned Hollywood Blockbusters such as Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Poseidon and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of The King. Not only that, he is also a martial arts guru and star of the National Geographic program “Fight Science”.

When he arrived around 2pm, with our in-house fitness coach Mr. Jason Moriarty, he was taken around our school for a little tour.  After that, he was greeted with excitement from our teachers, staff and students in our Multipurpose Hall where we had all gathered.

Glen invited a few students and teachers to demonstrate a couple of things about ourselves. Firstly, he explained why we are unable to truly feel the sensations when we tickle or pinch ourselves but other people are able to feel it if we were to do so on them.  I learned that whenever our mind knows what to expect, in terms of sensations such as a tickle or pinch, it doesn’t trigger the same reaction as compared to if someone else was to pinch us. Since we don’t truly know how it would feel or even expect them to do it, it would obviously feel very different.

Apart from that, I also learned that when we choose to focus on the sensation of pain itself, we tend to feel it more. Glen managed to prove his statement by pinching one of our students on the arm while distracting him about something else. That particular student looked to not be bothered by the pain at all while he was being distracted. I was amazed by some of his demonstrations that day.

As a result of his absolute passion for martial arts, coupled with steely determination, Glen has managed to be the person he is today. In his speech, he mentioned that his passion was the reason he managed to achieve his ultimate goal, which is related to his role model, Bruce Lee. The legendary Bruce Lee passed away at a very young age and Glen did not have the opportunity to work with him. That, however, did not stop Glen who remained grittily determined to achieve his goal. Glen continued striving hard to develop his martial arts skills until one day, he received a call from Bruce Lee’s widow, Linda Lee Cadwell. He was honoured to be invited by her to demonstrate some of his martial arts moves at one of Bruce Lee’s convention. After accepting the invitation, Glen had “manly tears” roll down his cheeks because he finally achieved his role of ‘working’ with the legendary martial artist.

It was truly a great experience having a celebrity at our school, giving us an inspirational talk and a living proof to support his points. I think everyone - not only the students – was absolutely inspired by Glen and his success story.


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