From Narnia to Middle Earth

From Narnia to Middle Earth

Now that’s an ambitious title for our Theme Day, huh?
Much like every Theme Day, our students just never fail to amuse us: Their creativity when it comes to costumes and props are always beyond our expectations! They think outside of the box and come up with things we wouldn’t have thought of. With that in mind, here are some of the best from yesterday:

Even though 10 Voski is one of our smallest classes, these guys and girls went all out and built their own Narnia wardrobe!

 11 Gold's fire-spitting dragon

The 20 students from 11 Gold came up with their very own dragon that was actually able to spit fire and had everyone in awe! 


With just 12 students in their class, 11 Voski went above and beyond by dressing up as characters as well as the film crew of both movies, with props and everything. They even gave us a short play as their introduction.


All the fantastic costumes aside, there were still games to play and prizes to be won so the kids wasted no time getting into the thick of things. To begin with, they had to solve a number of riddles which in turn would provide them the clues to which teachers they needed to find next.

The main task was to find the Lord of the Rings and destroy it as a team, which 11 Kin did handily. Even though the teachers tried their best to mess with the students, they were ultimately no match for the kids. We all had a ton of fun and once again would like to say thank you to all the kids in their amazing costumes, sporting teachers as well as the dedicated events team for putting it all together!
Till the next one!

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