Appreciation Day (August Intake 2013)

Hereby, we would like to extend our congratulations to the Sri Emas August intake students for their great performances in the recent Appreciation Day in June 2013.

On the night, there were 6 wonderful performances cooked up by students from the 4 classes of the August intake. The general theme underlying their performances was their appreciation towards their teachers who had taught them with all their hearts during the past year. In one of the performances, they sang a song which they composed themselves as a dedication to their teachers.

Although there were a few small hiccups during the event, I could certainly see the immense effort put in by the students in their performances. Parents and teachers were all proud of each and every student who was a part of this memorable occasion.

All in all, that night was indeed a great one for all involved, and we wish the August Intake students a happy and fulfilling holiday. See you all again when the term starts in August!

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