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Preparing students with future-proof skills
The Award-winning ACE EdVenture Approach
Fun, socialising, and academics go hand in hand
Rich and engaging learning experiences
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What parents have to say about us!

What parents have tosay about us!

What impressed us about Sri Emas were the teachers. They had the dedication, passion and they enjoyed teaching.

Through Sri Emas, we did see a change in our children. They were more excited about what happened in school, had a genuine interest in learning and always wanted to go to school.

– Patrick & Min, parents of Laura (2016 alumnus) and Adam (Year 10)

Sri Emas was the first school we visited when we were looking for schools for our kids.

We were impressed by the students, the way they greeted us, their confidence and their expressiveness. The school focuses on more than just pure academia. They look to build soft skills and the character of the students, preparing them to be ahead of their peers even before they join the workforce.

– Dato Thong & Janice, parents of Julian (2017 alumnus) and Justin (Year 8)

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We're open Monday – Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm

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