Reinventing Education. 

The concept for Sri Emas International School originated from the ACE EdVenture Programme, first developed by Anne Tham to make education fun for children. Before she started the programme, she was first a teacher and even worked as the Head of English at a renowned private college in the Klang Valley. It was there that she noticed the lack of academic skills and language capabilities that many school leavers and graduates exhibit.

Determined to make a difference, Anne Tham came up with the idea to provide school students with essential learning foundations by starting the ACE EdVenture Programme in 1995. What first started out as a tuition centre in her home quickly expanded as more parents saw the positive effects that her teaching methods had on their children. Today, the ACE EdVenture Programme consists myriad tuition centres, language centres, and schools; among them, Sri Emas International School.

The school’s curriculum combines the group’s fun, engaging teaching methods with the internationally-recognised Cambridge curriculum that results in a proven track record of confident, innovative students. Teachers at Sri Emas International School are well-equipped with knowledge of the subject that they teach as well as professional industry experience that will be able to help students see the relation between textbook information and the world around them.

Sri Emas International School is a school that does not believe in the conventional way of teaching. The school employs the use of right-brained activities (like dancing, drawing and singing) to help students learn left-brained subjects (such as science and mathematics). Students of the school can expect an educational experience that takes their imagination and skills beyond the boundaries of the classroom. The school aims to provide an all-rounded education that focuses not only on enhancing the grades of the students, but also in nurturing their personalities.

The achievements and continued innovation of ACE EdVenture Programme’s and Sri Emas International School’s unique approach to education has not gone unnoticed. To name a few, Sri Emas International School has been a regular feature in the annual Cambridge University Students’ Union’s yearbooks for years 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Not only that, the group picked up the SME100 Fast Moving Companies award 2014 and the ASEAN Business Award 2015 for SME Excellence in Innovation. Aside from the recognition gained by the group and the school, our founder, Anne Tham, was top 3 nominee for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year (Women Category) 2015 and was also named Woman of the Year 2016 by Her World Magazine.

And it doesn’t stop there. Passionate about pioneering great ways in helping students to enjoy learning, Sri Emas International School’s team of teachers, together with ACE EdVenture Studio have developed the Chemistry role-playing game ChemCaper. As of 2017, the school has implemented the use of the game in its curriculum. The game is the first of its kind in the world and was created with the aim of being able to help children learn Chemistry in a fun way on the devices that they are so comfortable with. Equally, ChemCaper has gained recognition and several awards. Among them would be the APICTA Award 2016 for Best E-Learning for both Malaysia and Asian region as well as the IMGA Award 2016 for Best Meaningful Play (Asian Level).

If you would like your child to be able to have an adventurous education, then come on over and visit us so that we can give you a better glimpse of what Sri Emas International School does differently.